Chemistry and Pharmacy

Name Current development status IP status Keywords Contact
Local application of dantrolene in wound treatment Development PCT I. Dantrolene, wound care, microcirculation
Small Peptide inhibitors of β-amyloid toxicity for Alzheimer’s disease Pre-clinical PCT I. peptidomimetics, Neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s disease, β – amyloid
Nanotechnology for controlled drug release: Coreshell nanoparticles for sustained release of drug molecules Drug discovery Validation Protein precipitation, chitosan, core-shell nanoparticle, layer-by-layer self-assembly, polyelectrolyte multilayers, drug release kinetics, sustained release, interferon-α
Modified anuroctonus scorpion toxin peptides for the treatment of autoimmune diseases Proof of concept National/regional phase autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, peptidomimetics, ion channel inhibition, Kv.1.3 channel
Use of kynurenic acid analogues for the treatment of Huntington's disease Drug discovery National/regional phase Kynurenic acid analogue, Huntington's disease, NMDA receptor, excitotoxicity
Synthesis of deuterated morphine derivatives with high and selective μ-opioid receptor activity Pre-clinical PCT II. Deuterated morphine, metabolism changes, drug development