Biology and Medical Sciences

Name Current development status IP status Keywords Contact
A tonometric probe for the examination and diagnosis of regional perfusion disorders Proof of concept Validation Gastrotonometry, tonometry, medical instruments, non-invasive examination/diagnostic techniques, tonometric probe, straight probe, sublingual probe
Method and diagnostic kit for diagnosing susceptibility of post-traumatic scar tissue formation Product development and Testing Validation PCR-based diagnosing, diagnostic kit, tracheal stenosis, post-traumatic scar tissue forecast
Method for detection of Brettanomyces/Dekkera and Zygosaccharomyces yeasts Proof of concept PCT I. Brettanomyces/Dekkera and Zygosaccharomyces detection, winery, brewery, mousiness
New type of layer silicate nanocomposites of polymer hydrogels and their use in tissue expanders Proof of concept National/regional phase Osmotic tissue expander, dermatology, silicate hydrogel, implants
Development of a new adjuvant in melanoma metastasis treatment Drug discovery In priority year melanoma immunotherapy, anti-metastatic therapy, Adjuvant
Biogas production from protein-rich monosubstrates Proof of concept National/regional phase Protein degradation, elimination of protein-rich waste, biogas production, elimination_of_protein-rich_waste